Crystal is a super adorable horse. She has a pervious knee injury that needs special shoeing and medication. She is the boss in a herd but is precious with people.
Gemini is hands down the most precious horse. He and Rainbow found themselves homeless after their human mother died of cancer. Gemini was previously attacked by a man with a knife and his chest and leg were cut open. He needs patience and lots of love. He is completely healed, except for some lingering emotional scars.
Rainbow is a wonderfully lovable girl. Her human mother died of cancer and she had nowhere else to go. She is extremely bonded to her brother Gemini.
Kristy is a lovely horse but is big and strong. She needs a very experienced rider who is kind and patient. She is sweet in the arena and needs a bit of a tune up. She is not nice on the trail, as everything scares her. She needs special shoeing and pads.